Save Our Green Belt - latest update

Many of you will have received notification that Stage 1 of the Local Plan hearings will start soon. This presents a problem because we are £15,000 short of the funding we need for the hearings. We desperately need to be able to instruct our QC and planning consultants within the next few days to enable them to work on preparing for and representing us all at the Planning Inspectors’ hearings which will span several days from March 17th.

The Inspectors have listed many “Matters, Issues and Questions” to be covered at the hearings and the good news is that many of these issues were raised by our consultants (funded by your generous donations so far) in August during the Local Plan consultation. These will be “tried” during the hearings, rather like a court case. You can read more about the issues being considered by clicking here.

Our experts must register to appear at the hearings by February 19th so we need the funds to pay them well before then - this means we urgently need donations right now. We can’t stress this enough. Please, if you have been thinking about donating (or donating again) but haven’t yet, please help now at

We continue to campaign against the Local Plan from different angles. The Campaign to Protect Rural England recently invited us to co-sign an open letter which has been submitted to the Leaders of South Bucks District Council, Chiltern District Council and the Shadow Authority. We are pleased to report that Unitary Candidates Councillors Alastair Pike (Leader of Beaconsfield Town Council), Anita Cranmer (Bucks County Council and Beaconsfield Town Councillor) and Jackson Ng (Beaconsfield Town Councillor) joined us in co-signing the letter together with others. The letter calls upon the councils to WITHDRAW THE PLAN. A follow-up letter was also sent confirming Joy Morrissey MP's endorsement of the campaign and again calling for the Plan to be withdrawn.