Save our Green Belt - Public Meetings

The Beaconsfield Society arranged a public meeting at short notice having been told that the draft Local Plan would be published as early as 1 May. Time was of the essence so we reluctantly decided to hold this meeting on 13 April, during the Easter school holidays. 200+ residents attended the Fitzwilliams Centre and it was standing room only to hear the presentations based entirely on materials in the public domain and Council websites.

Basically, SBDC were "minded" to approve a Local Plan 2016 - 36 that included Option 9 the area east of Beaconsfield that would see:

1700 new dwellings, 4000 extra people, 3000 extra car

1300 more communters on already crowded trains

Traffic and parking nightmares

Double existing office and commercial space

Additional Primary school (only) provision when 350 houses built

and a Travellers site

There was universal support for the TBS position and various questions were asked as to the stance of our local Councollors, both at BTC anbd SBDC. BTC had made a submission to the December 2016 consultattion that gave guarddeed support AND suggested furtheer land to the south of the Town could be considered for release.

As a result of public demand, the Socciety organised a repeat presentation on 3 May. We had to decamp to St Mary's  Church to accommodate the attendees, we estimate 300+ were there. A similar presentation was delivered with a longer time for questions. Again universal support was given for the stance taken by TBS to fight these proposals,