Save our Green Belt - Public Meetings

We are holding a presentation and discussion of the draft plan on 

8 May at 8PM St Mary's, Old Town


This Green Belt is under the biggest threat for a generation. A Draft Local Plan has just been published for the period 2014-36. It will cover both SBDC and CDC areas and has to fit within the National Planning Framework that includes provision of minimum numbers of residential dwellings. We recognise the need for house building but building the wrong housing in the wrong place is NOT the answer. The Society feels it has to challenge the analysis that leads to the conclusion that "exceptional circumstances" exist to justify the release of Green Belt around Beaconsfield. 

To see the key elements of the Plan Click HERE 

The Local Plan that SBDC and CDC are proposing releases Green Belt around Beaconsfield


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Successive Councillors at Town, District and County level, and our Parliamentary representatives have extoled the virtues of the Green Belt around Beaconsfield with the widespread support of residents.

The SBDC documents relating to this can be found at