The Beaconsfield Society Save our Green Belt Campaign

This Green Belt is under the biggest threat for a generation. A Local Plan is currently being prepared for the period 2014-36. It will cover both SBDC and CDC areas and has to fit within the National Planning Framework that includes provision of minimum numbers of residential dwellings. We recognise the need for house building but building the wrong housing in the wrong place is NOT the answer. The Society feels it has to challenge the analysis that leads to the conclusion that "exceptional circumstances" exist to justify the release of Green Belt around Beaconsfield. 

The Local Plan that SBDC are "minded" to approve releases Green Belt around Beaconsfield that would see:

1700 new dwellings, 4000 extra people, 3000 extra car

1300 more communters on already crowded trains

Traffic and parking nightmares

Double existing office and commercial space

Additional Primary school (only) provision when 350 houses built

and a Travellers site

Look at the content we have prepared on this site, the awareness sessions we are running around the town and reach your own conclusions. If you agree with us you MUST support us in whatever way you can, unless you do so, Green Belt and the whole nature of Beaconsfield will change irrevocably.

READ our "Save our Green Belt" pages, Click here

Successive Councillors at Town, District and County level, and our Parliamentary representatives have extoled the virtues of the Green Belt around Beaconsfield with the widespread support of residents.