Q )The A355 relief road, Maxwell Rd to Pyebush will be in place by 2Q19, it will:
1 (5.26%)11 (57.89%) 4 (21.05%) 3 (15.79%)
Significantly improve journey times in the TownModerately improve journey time in the Town Make no difference to journey times in the Town Increase journey times in thee Town
Total Votes : 19

Q )Beaconsfield is a great place to live, bring up a family, grow old
12 (66.67%)4 (22.22%) 1 (5.56%) 1 (5.56%)
Strongly agreeAgree Disagree Strongly disagree
Total Votes : 18

Q )How should Local Government be Structured in Buckinghamshire?
42 (43.30%)38 (39.18%) 16 (16.49%) 1 (1.03%)
A county-wide unitary authorityA North unitary and South Unitary incl SBDC, WDC and CDC Leave it as it is Other solution or Don't know (use contact us to explain)
Total Votes : 97